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January 26, 2012

Kampung is The Best Place

(entry dalam bahasa Inggeris-tak reti tapi gagahla jugak kan..hahaha..layan je lah)

I, myself no wonder or even shy to admit that I came from village - ya, just called me 'Perempuan Kampung'. There were no shame even a litle, but I'm proud because I born at the village, rose up there, and my background culture of 'budak kampung'. Very very proud. I knew somebody they have no experience by rising up at the village because they are rose up in the rich family - in the urban. They do not know how feel is when become poorer, they do not know how to be prudent in saving money, they do not know how afraid to the harmful wild insects, they do not know how suffer when having stuck to belong something we like, they do not know how joy when sharing clothes between siblings and they do not everything when difficulties around their life.

When I memorized my life during child, I miss that moment. Agreed to some people said, there are very enjoyable when become a child especially 'budak kampung'. Everything we learn unconsciously and indirectly. Because an informal knowledge is the best teacher to us. The difficulties, challenges, happiness we got are the best learning to allow us to become mature. (banyak berletiaq la pulak dah). Ya, I know majority of u have knew about that. Oh, haha sorry guys, I talking about nonsense! ok back to the topic.

Last week, during Chinese New Year holiday, I went back to my lovely hometown...Yes..I pledge that I love my hometown so so much.. Ko mampu? Eventhough there are no paddy field near my house. But along my journey started from Penang to Alor Star, there are very beautiful panorama of paddy field at the left and right side of the road. At that time, I felt so calm, serene and relax.. Alhamdulillah..they are no rush and turmoil as in urban life anymore. Very grateful for the miracle creation of God! 

one of the most attraction panorama in Kedah.

When I arrived at my sweet home (yeka sweet? hehe), I looked at my lovely parent's face. Oh..again I felt so so calm! No more think about works..No more think about going to the office..Now I only think that how relax I have at my home together with my family. So relax when I do not see the traffic jam, people are rushing going to the office, immigrants people. Just now, I can see how busy a housewife - that is my mum! How love my younger brother with his business - jual ikan laga. How cheerful my younger sister when playing together with her friends. That's really a life! We are free to do what we want and what we like!

Lastly, before I finish my writing, again I want to confess that I am 'village girl'. Best ooo.. rural sophisticated! Ko ada? =D

Adoii..rupanya tulis dalam bahasa Inggeris ni lebih feeling ka? deng!!

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